Performance and Scalalability Improvements in Oracle 10g and 11g

I have uploaded the slides of my “Performance and Scalalability Improvements in Oracle 10g and 11g” presentation here.

NB! Dates updated: After a 1.5 year break, this year’s only Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting training class (updated with Oracle 12c content) takes place on 14-18 December 2015 and 11-15 January 2016 (I had to reschedule the start from November to December). So sign up now if you want to learn new cool stuff!

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2 Responses to Performance and Scalalability Improvements in Oracle 10g and 11g

  1. Noons says:

    Great! Even more plan changes over multiple executions of the same SQL.

    As if we didn’t have enough problems with optimizer plans that change at the whiff of a stat…

    Hasn’t anyone got back to Oracle the clear message that what production environments need is a STABLE and PREDICTABLE optimizer?

    Not something that keeps changing execution plans at the drop of a hat?

    I can’t wait to see what will happen in closed, non-changing environments such as Peoplesoft, JDE, Siebel and even Oracle’s own apps when this ever-changing optimizer is unleashed on them…

    At least give us the option of turning off all this unneeded overhead!

    Ah well: one can only dream…

    Thanks for the superb analysis, Tanel. Much appreciated.

  2. Polarski bernard says:

    Blurring the bondaries between SGA and PGA will quickly poses the question of keeping the definition for thes 2 strucutres. Let me guess, it will be named OGA : Oracle Global Area.

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