Performance Tools Quick Reference Guide

There’s a nice Metalink Note 438452.1 about various less known Oracle performance tuning utilities.

If you haven’t heard about things like StackX, LTOM, HangFG, SQLTXPLAIN, OS_Watcher or OPDG then it’s time to check this note out! :)

NB! Dates updated: After a 1.5 year break, this year’s only Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting training class (updated with Oracle 12c content) takes place on 14-18 December 2015 and 11-15 January 2016 (I had to reschedule the start from November to December). So sign up now if you want to learn new cool stuff!

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One Response to Performance Tools Quick Reference Guide

  1. Polarski bernard says:

    Looking at this lenghty list one may wonder why so many exists as they are all based on sqlplan and event 10046. I would gladly exchange half of those variations-on-a-theme against a single one deals with the 10053.

    The PL/SQL profiler is the only one that does something unique.

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