Full scans, direct path reads and ORA-8103 error hacking session video here

I have uploaded the latest hacking session video to Enkitec.tv. I have edited it a little, I cut out the part where I spilled an entire Red Bull onto my desk, with some onto my laptop (some keys are still sticky:)


NB! Dates updated: After a 1.5 year break, this year’s only Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting training class (updated with Oracle 12c content) takes place on 14-18 December 2015 and 11-15 January 2016 (I had to reschedule the start from November to December). So sign up now if you want to learn new cool stuff!

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8 Responses to Full scans, direct path reads and ORA-8103 error hacking session video here

  1. Simon Palmer says:

    Better than “Bull shit” which one finds on other blogs I suppose… LOL! ;-)

  2. surachart says:

    love it…I downloaded for my iPad -)

  3. Luis says:

    Hi Tanel,
    Great hacking session, but one question remains for me. I will describe:
    Why the number of blocks that we read in the direct path read (#blocks bellow in .trc file) is different from the total number of blocks got from dba_segments?
    Why Oracle will read (in my case) less 3 blocks that the total number of blocks of the table?

    Luis Marques

  4. Tanel Poder says:

    DBA_SEGMENTS shows the total segment size – which may include some unformatted blocks above high-water mark. The full scan only has to scan up to HWM, no need to read the unformaated blocks.

  5. betterNottoreveal says:

    Tanel – Geeks don’t use ipads or ipods. Android mate…

  6. Tanel Poder says:

    I use both right now and am waiting for iphone 5 so i can get rid of my android junk (HTC hardware is solid, just android reminds me ’90s too much ;-)

  7. Andre Espirito Santo says:

    Hello Tanel,

    I’m not able to see this movie, and I’m very interested in it. Any chance on making it available again ?

    Also can’t find it on iTunes… probably my mistake ! :)

    Thank you very much for all the knowledge you share with the community.

    Best regards,

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