Do you like to watch TV? Watch Enkitec.TV from now on! :-)

I’m happy to announce Enkitec TV which is a video channel/aggregator of some of the coolest stuff we do here at Enkitec. I have uploaded some of my videos there, including the previously unpublished Oracle parameters infrastructure hacking session and Kerry’s & Cary’s E4 Exadata interview is available there as well!

I’ll be posting more of my hacking sessions (hopefully shorter ones!!!) there in the future – and so will other fellow Oracle-Exadata-and-Big-Data geeks of Enkitec too!

I think video is so much better for communicating certain types of demos, use cases and examples (and interviews) – so instead of writing extremely long blog articles in the future, I will likely just record a video (and let others do the hard work of writing later on ;-)

So, sit back, grab a beer (or coffee) and enjoy Enkitec.TV!


Note that it’s possible to subscribe to the iTunes podcast too:


NB! If you want to move to the "New World" - offload your data and workloads to Hadoop, without having to re-write your existing applications - check out Gluent. We are making history! ;-)

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2 Responses to Do you like to watch TV? Watch Enkitec.TV from now on! :-)

  1. JC Dauchy says:

    Thanks a lot for those who couldn’t attend !

  2. Sergey says:

    Hi Tanel! Thanks for sharing knowledge.
    Hacking sessions are awesome. I think it would be very interesting to watch another hacking session about how do you prefer to work, watch the way you work with oracle with attention to most commonly used scripts and tricks. You know, there are many things you can do fast and easy, while many other people can spend too much time on these simple tasks.

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