Tanel Poder’s Database Performance and Troubleshooting Seminars

Tanel Poder’s Performance & Troubleshooting seminars

I am really busy with all the Gluent action right now, so am not planning to run any generic database performance classes, although will still occasionally geek out and run some hacking sessions hopefully. I’m interested in the new world technologies now, Hadoop, Spark, cloud processing engines and am still regularly working on/thinking about performance, efficiency and scalability of these platforms – so stay tuned for more in this space!

I delivered my first Hadoop presentation (Hadoop Internals for Oracle DBAs) already in the summer of 2013 (Enkitec E4 conference), but Hadoop has evolved *a lot* since. So we have put together a 1-day Hadoop for Database Professionals class and are delivering it online (and sometimes at customer site) now:

This is of course only the beginning, the enterprise world is changing ;-)


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  1. earl shaffer says:

    I will get paid training again from my emp the day after pigs fly fast enough to cause the dopler effect
    so …

  2. I am enthusiast of your enormous knowledge and clear explanations.
    Unfortunately, my English is not enough to directly attend class; please let me know how can I have text, presentations to be used to learn from your huge knowledge, even not directly.
    A brief introduction of me:
    Since Oracle 3.1 I was working as an Oracle Consultant (I made porting of RDBMS code for Olivetti Italy until 8.4) , before I did work as system (Unix/TI/IBM/Digital Op. Sys) developer and “porter”.
    before I worked for IBM in developing OS Utilities.
    I began to work in IT area in 1962.
    My best regards./

    Giuseppe Lottini
    3Lobyte S.A.S.

  3. Javier says:

    Hi Tanel,

    Any seminar planned for 2016?? I’m looking forward to it..!


  4. Vivek Sharma says:

    Would like to register for Online Webinars as I found these very interesting with excellent technical stuff. I have been listening to the recorded versions which prevents me from asking any queries/doubts and therefore, Online Webinar would be a better option.

  5. Andriy D. says:

    Hi Tanel,
    Are there dates for 2016 for your incredible Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting seminar? I already participated in 2014 but I’d like my colleague participated too.

  6. Carlos Garcia says:

    Please, add my mail to newsletter. tks.

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