I’m an Oracle ACE Director now :)

Many people have asked me that how come I’m not an Oracle ACE yet. From this week I am an Oracle ACE Director.

Here’s a link to my profile.

Its pretty big honor to be recognized by Oracle Corp at such high level.

I started working with Oracle software in 1997 and got really interested in that stuff after realizing how powerful the database was and how complex some internal details could be. Lots of opportunities to learn and learn I did!

I have been an Oracle Certified Master DBA for almost seven years now ( I took the exam in 2002 ). This is the highest certificate of technical skill Oracle gives out.

I’m also an OakTable Network member since 2004. In my eyes this is the highest recognition by industry peers an Oracle specialist can get. I’m very honored to be part of the team, not only because of the kick-ass knowledge everybody there has, but every member I’ve personally met is actually a cool person!

So, I think Oracle ACE status nicely completes the previous two “credentials” I had (and worked hard for!!!), OCM is the official technical skill recognition by Oracle, OakTable membership is the industry peer recognition and now the ACE director is Oracle’s recognition for my contributions so far.

I’d like to say thanks to Porus Havewala who recommended me for the ACE director program. Check out his blog if you’re interested in Enterprise Manager & such, he’s a Grid Control expert ( http://enterprise-manager.blogspot.com )

Ok, enough of ego-tripping for this year, back to work. I have a mutex contention troubleshooting article to finish ;-)

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29 Responses to I’m an Oracle ACE Director now :)

  1. Dan Norris says:

    Congrats, Tanel! It’s a great program and Justin, Vikki, and Lillian do a great job making it successful! I’m glad to see they’re keeping the quality of the program high, too.

  2. TongucY says:

    Congratulations Tanel, of course well deserved!

  3. Coskan says:

    Congrats Tanel its nice to hear that you get what you deserved from the very beginning of this blog.

    Thank you again for everything especially for the tools you shared with us.

  4. Olivier says:

    Congrats Tanel ! You really deserv it !

  5. Brian Tkatch says:


  6. Anand says:

    Congrats…Well deserved

  7. Congratulations Tanel ! Absolutely deserved!

    I can’t wait to read your mutex contention troubleshooting article.

  8. Ramesh Eega says:

    You well deserved. Looking forward to see you again in Dallas next year (for your training day) :)

  9. Tanel Poder says:

    Thanks for your support!!! :)

    Btw, the coming few days will be interesting, I’ll be releasing Snapper v2.0 with some major improvements, new version of LatchProf and a new script called MutexProf.

    Stay tuned ;)

  10. Rhojel Echano says:

    Congrats Tanel! I’ll drink to that tonight! :)

  11. radino says:

    Congrats Tanel. I agree with others, you really deserve it.

    BTW I wonder, are you going to write a book? :) I would definitely buy one.. :)

  12. Debra says:

    Congratulations and well deserved. Of course knowing Stanley was a great help to your nomination :)

  13. Greg Rahn says:

    Right on brother! Now maybe we can sit down and have a serious talk about block size :)

  14. Tanel Poder says:


    Yes, Stanley was the key factor!

    To anyone who don’t know (yet) wtf Stanley is, check this: http://www.wtfistheacevest.com/ :)

    Yeah! I finally am qualified :) Now I’ll call up all my clients and convert their all databases to use a 1.5kB blocksize as it matches the size of the ethernet frames. And as its Sunday, then just for the fun I’ll rebuild the index of my yellow pages book in my drawer.

  15. Ricardo says:

    Congratulations Tanel, well deserved!! A wonderful nomination!.

  16. Congrats Tanel, you deserve it. I am proud to be your fellow ACE Director. Regards, Porus.

  17. Dusan Malesevic says:

    You deserve it.
    I saw you only once in Zürich last November and I was really impressed with your knowledge.

    I hope to see you soon again.

  18. Harold Green says:

    Congratulations ACE!!

  19. Taral Desai says:

    Many many Congratulation.

    Well what to say..it was due to you.

    Also, please keep on posting insight stuff as usually you do. Everyday waiting for new stuff on this blog.

  20. Congrats Tanel…well deserved !

  21. Anantha says:

    Congratulations! You deserve it.

  22. Asif Momen says:

    Congrats Tanel, you deserve it.

  23. Congrats Tanel!

    Lots of talented folks became Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE directors this year including myself, Robert Freeman, Francisco Alvarez Munoz, and Chen Shapira.

    Exciting news indeed. Hope we run into each other at next major conference. Would be fun to drink and talk Oracle database internals with yourself, Mogens and Jonathan Lewis!


  24. Congratulations Taner. You deserve it!

  25. Kalpit says:

    Congrats!! Well deserved.

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