Recursive sessions…

I have published a new article to about recursive sessions and ORA-00018: maximum number of sessions exceeded error message:

Note that I’m working on setting up RSS feed for tech.e2sn too, coming soon :)

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  1. coskan says:


    Are you thinking about putting comment option to your new website.
    It will be a bit hard to read there and comment here.

  2. Hi, Tanel

    Reading state objects I always have a lot of troubles about they types and owners.
    For example, there no information what is the “type: 38” ? (and other numbers …)
    And how to interpret “owner: 398e73b78” – is this the owner ID or something other ?
    Do you know ?

    Thanks !

  3. Yong Huang says:

    Yuri, type numbers are not much use (to me at least). They vary with version and platform. Just look at the type name, the first word or phase one line below.

  4. Yong Huang says:

    Oops. s/phase/phrase/
    And, the hex number for owner indicates the upper-level state object. For example, a session’s owner is process (which you see in v$process.addr), etc.

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