Oracle Peformance Visualization…

Coskan Gundogar and Karl Arao have written two interesting articles about Oracle performance analysis and visualization, check these out!

Coskan’s article:

Karl’s article:

Note that in March I will be releasing PerfSheet v3.0, which will have lots of improvements! ;-)

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7 Responses to Oracle Peformance Visualization…

  1. coskan says:

    It is very nice to start a day with such a good news,

    Will there a new functionality or better management of usage ?

    I hope you can keep up with the new schedule. I want to be the one who tries first, Can I be beta tester :)

  2. Shahab says:

    Looking forward to your next PerfSheet version. Attended your Capacity Planning Master Class at UKOUG Birmingham where you demonstrated linear regression techniques with PerfSheet . Hope you incorporate those capacity planning queries using Oracle regression functions in your new Perf Sheet as you haven’t uploaded them anywhere .
    Nice work.

  3. Alberto says:

    Great job for your perfsheet, i’m studying it now for test in my DB, very very useful and fast for first approach for how-know.
    Good work.

  4. Karl Arao says:

    Looking forward for the PerfSheet v3! :)

  5. Dying to get my hands on the new PerfSheet (please tell me it’s going to be done without Excel… maybe Google Visualization?)

  6. Tanel Poder says:


    It’s Excel, it’s the easiest, it exists in “most” companies (although some are still standardized on Excel 2000, where perfsheet won’t work).

    Google visualization is out for simple reason that it sends data out of the enterprise security domain…

    BUT there’s another product coming, where the frontend will run in a browser ;-)

    I think we need to schedule a meeting at Hotsos ;)

  7. Paul Barrett says:

    Do you have any plan to port it to OpenOffice?

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