Oracle Closed World presentation links

Thanks to everybody who attended my OCW hacking session!

Sorry to guys who attended via webinar – I’ll do the session again in a few weeks, with audio from end to end hopefully! And I will get someone to assist me with monitoring the transmission quality and attendee questions etc.

Note that this stuff is mostly for hacking and fun – don’t use the undocumented stuff in production!

The links are below:

Download scripts & Tools:

Rlwrap links:

Diagnostic events:

I haven’t written any articles on X$TRACE yet, but you can find some stuff from one of my very old presentations:

Or just type:


Where 10704 is the KST event number, 4 is the level and ALL means all Oracle PIDs (Oracle PIDs, not OSPID’s).

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8 Responses to Oracle Closed World presentation links

  1. Edgar Chupit says:

    Hi Tanel,
    Just a quick question about you example on tracing unique constraint violation error. Will oracle produce same trace file, if this error happened in pl/SQL and that exception was handled in exception block?

  2. Jamey says:

    As always, very entertaining and informative! Logging into production to try it all out! :-)

  3. Andrea says:

    I was a bit skeptical on webinars… but I was wrong: The web session has been *realy* enjoyable. By the way, this session happened exactly when I am investigating shared pool dumps to hunt for a bug we are facing, so the first part proved particularly interesting. Even not being “live” I could feel the energy and the passion you have for your job. Thanks for setting up this. :-)

  4. Dani Rey says:

    Hi Tanel,
    Many thanks for yesterdays webinar. It was once again great fun to attend your session! Especially the KST (X$TRACE) stuff was great!
    By the way, sound was good, except for the last 15 minutes. But that ORADEBUG HELP and ORADEBUG DOC stuff was quite self explaining.

  5. Michel says:

    Thanks alot for the awesome webinar, its was great and very informative

  6. Tanel Poder says:

    Thanks guys for attending! I’m working on figuring out why the audio was lost. The whole webinar was organized in very short time (I had this idea when drinking beer at Graham Wood’s OOW pre-party the night before). I wasn’t very skilled in using the webinar soft… but that will change :)

  7. Khaild Azmi says:

    Tanel, how do we register for your next session?

  8. Liu says:

    Tanel, looking forward to your next session !

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