ORA-4031 errors, contention, cursor management issues and shared pool fragmentation – free secret seminar!

Note that the live event is over by now, but you can see the recording from Enkitec.tv

On Tuesday 22nd March I’ll hold two (yes two) Secret Oracle Hacking Sessions – about ORA-04031: unable to allocate x bytes of shared memory errors, cursor management issues and other shared pool related problems (like fragmentation). This event is free for all! You’ll just need to be fast enough to register, both events have 100 attendee limit (due to my GotoWebinar accont limitations).

I am going to run this online event twice, so total 200 people can attend (don’t register for both events, please). One event is in the morning (my time) to cater for APAC/EMEA region and the other session is for EMEA/US/Americas audience.

The content will be the same in both sessions. There will be no slides (you cant fix your shared pool problems with slides!) but there will be demos, scripts, live examples and fun (for the geeks among us anyway – others go and read some slides instead ;-)!


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17 Responses to ORA-4031 errors, contention, cursor management issues and shared pool fragmentation – free secret seminar!

  1. Thomas Kyte says:

    Tanel – I had to laugh out loud at this one. “We” were amused :)

  2. Tanel Poder says:

    @Thomas Kyte


    And I promise, the others involved aren’t just imaginary people in my head either ;-P

  3. Arup Nanda says:

    But I’m sure your imaginary partner will not imagine a problem.

  4. Patrick says:

    Thanks for the alternative time zone option, much more civilized for those of us in APAC.

  5. Tanel Poder says:


    Yeah I figured it’s not good to wake up 3am in the night just for this :-)

  6. Greg says:

    Any chance you can publish a video of this afterwards? Unfortunately the times aren’t New Zealand friendly (6am and 10pm).

  7. Tanel Poder says:


    Yes! That’s my plan! …assuming that the video recording doesn’t fail for some reason…

  8. kerem says:

    page could not be opened. can you open that right now ?

  9. krish says:

    Looking forward to it.

  10. Amrit says:

    All set for the session…
    will be new learning for me..
    :) Amrit

  11. Can’t wait any longer to attend the session and desperately looking forward to it.

  12. Laurent Demaret says:

    Thanks Tanel, that was very interesting stuff; I learnt something new today :-)

  13. Uday Moralwar says:

    Thanks Tanel, ORA-4031 is very intersting topic. looking forward for next interesting topic.

  14. CJ says:

    The session was awesome.. and because it was free, I imagined you saying the following line from ‘Kung Fu Panda’ –> ‘There is no charge for awesomeness!!’ :-)

    I had been a bit disappointed with the last session, but this one more than made up for it.

    Greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  15. Tanel Poder says:


    Thanks CJ – which was the (disappointing) last session you mentioned?

  16. Tanel Poder says:


    Yeah that previous session was about how to run & use Snapper’s full power. It wasn’t about troubleshooting/diagnosing a variety of perfomance issues from end to end – as it’s impossible to squeeze such topic into 1 hour. Even my 10 x half day advanced oracle troubleshooting class doesn’t cover all the aspects of oracle troubleshooting (in fact it covers a small (but important) part of the whole story)

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