For Exadata geeks

Just letting you know that we are all (almost) done with the Expert Oracle Exadata book work and it will be published in less than a month!!!

Expect (many) new blog entries soon! :-)

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6 Responses to For Exadata geeks

  1. Tim Hall says:

    Cool. I can become an expert at Exadata without ever having touched one. :)



  2. GregG says:

    Cool! I’ve preordered and got alpha version so far .
    But what I really need is some blog entries from You .

  3. Kevin Fries says:

    I’ve already got the alpha version and it’s a really cool way to get a jump on the concepts. Now all I need are the rest of the chapters and a machine for Xmas.

  4. Cool -)
    Time to wait for book shipping.

  5. Walter says:

    Have to say your blog is among the best, other oracle blogs ehhhh don’t care much. LOL


  6. johnwuwuwu says:

    Wait for chapter 12.

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