Tech Reviewer, Tech Reviewer! ;-)

I just noticed that Jonathan Lewis has announced that he’s writing a new Oracle (fundamental) internals book, due to be out in November.

So, I’m happy to add to Jonathan’s announcement, that I’m the tech reviewer of that book!

After all the hard work on the Exadata book, I didn’t want to hear about working on any book again (even if it’s just tech reviewing work), but as this is Jonathan’s book, about exactly these topics I love and focus on, I had no choice but to make an exception and become a reviewer ;-)

I’ve already reviewed a couple of chapters and this book is going to be awesome!


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10 Responses to Tech Reviewer, Tech Reviewer! ;-)

  1. Is the title of the book still stands the same? I mean, it was a too lengthy title.

  2. Cool…

    Copied the blog post title…hehe ;)

  3. krish says:

    Another good news.

  4. Surachart says:


    I love book title and wait to buy it like CBO.

  5. Tanel Poder says:

    @Syed Jaffar Hussain

    Note that the very long book title was more of a description, illustrating what’s in the book – it’s up to Jonathan to announce the real name of the book when the time is right ;-)

  6. Giri says:

    Buyer, Buyer :) everyone would be eager to get a copy of it soon…

  7. PhoenixBai says:

    Can`t wait already!

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