How to Compose New Gmail Messages in Full Screen (instead of the tiny compose box of new Gmail)

Tanel Poder


I’m writing this (unusual) post as I am a long time Gmail user and recently I’ve seen plenty of people & articles complain about the Gmail’s new compose window (the one that shows up as a small hovering window in the bottom right of your screen):


The top google hits so far only return tips to disable the new editor completely, but I want to use the new one, just in a bigger window! There is a very easy workaround for that – and there’s no need to switch back to the old compose mode at all!

If you are using your mouse, then just:

  1. Hold down SHIFT key when clicking the Compose button to get a stand-alone new window for composing a message.
  2. Hold down CTRL (on Windows) or Command (on Mac OSX) key to get a full-screen new browser tab for composing a message.

Examples 1 & 2 below:


If you use Gmail keyboard shortcuts for productivity (they’re awesome!), then you can just:

  1. Press “c” for the new (small) compose box
  2. Press SHIFT-C (capital “C”) for the stand-alone new window for composing a message
  3. Press D for a full screen new browser tab for composing a message

Note that you can view the Gmail shortcuts reference, if this feature is enabled, just by pressing the ? (question mark) key:


So, there’s no need to switch back to the old compose mode completely, just remember SHIFT, CTRL and the “D” keys :)

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