I will be speaking at Oracle OpenWorld and Strata + HadoopWorld NY

I will be speaking at a few more conferences this year and thought to add some comments about my plans here too. Here’s the list of my upcoming presentations:

Oracle OpenWorld, 22-26 September 2013, San Francisco

  • Session: Moving Data Between Oracle Exadata and Hadoop. Fast.
  • When: Wednesday, Sep 25. 3:30pm
  • Where: Moscone South 305
  • What: I have been doing quite a lot of work on the optimal Oracle/Exadata <-> Hadoop connectivity and data migration lately, so thought that it’s worth sharing. The fat infiniBand pipe between an Exadata box and a Hadoop cluster running in the Oracle Big Data Appliance gives pretty interesting results.

OakTableWorld, 23-24 September 2013, San Francisco

  • Session: Hacking Oracle Database
  • When: Tuesday, Sep 24. 1:00pm
  • Where: Imagination Lab @ Creativity Museum near Moscone
  • What: The “secret” OakTableWorld event (once called Oracle Closed World :) is an unofficial, fun (but also serious) satellite event during OOW. Lots of great technical speakers and topics. Might also have free beer :) I will deliver a-yet-another hacking session without much structure – I’ll just show how I research and explore Oracle’s new low-level features and which tools & approaches I use etc. Should be fun.

Strata Conference + HadoopWorld NY, 28-30 October 2013, New York City, NY

I have also submitted abstracts to RMOUG Training Days 2014 and will deliver the Training Day at Hotsos Symposium 2014!

So see you at any of these conferences!

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3 Responses to I will be speaking at Oracle OpenWorld and Strata + HadoopWorld NY

  1. Pava Kumar N says:

    Hi Tanel,
    Any chance of providing the recording of sessions… ? Since, we would not lucky enough to travel around the world
    Thanks in Advance..!!

  2. kunwar says:

    Hi Tanel,
    I am facing a basic oracle problem and not related to the topic of the blog.
    I want to connect using “putty” to my DB installed using vmware and oracle developer days.
    I posted one question on OTN but couldnt succeed to complete the steps.

    Can you suggest any easier way to connect to DB using putty. I am asking this because you are one of the best guys with oracle knowledge that i read about/from.
    How do you use oracle db on laptop . And do you connect using putty. Or can you suggest the easiest way to get started playing with oracle db?

    • Tanel Poder says:

      You’ll need to figure out what’s the IP address of your VM (ifconfig -a as someone suggested).
      Then you can ssh to that address with putty.
      I tend to use sqlplus from my host OS (Mac/OSX) to the Oracle DB directly if I only need DB access (you’ll need to install oracle’s instant client). But if you’re just getting started – I’d favor SQL Developer for the DB work and then work your way “deeper” to sqlplus and ssh to the server.

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