Enkitec Rocks Again!!!

Tanel Poder


Yes, the title of this post is also a reference to the Machete Kills Again (…in Space) movie that I’m sure going to check out once it’s out ;-)

Enkitec won the UKOUG Engineered Systems Partner of the Year award last Thursday and I’m really proud of that. We got seriously started in Europe a bit over 2 years ago, have put in a lot of effort and by now it’s paying off. In addition to happy customers, interesting projects and now this award, we have awesome people in 4 countries in Europe already – and more to come. Also, you did know that Frits Hoogland and Martin Bach have joined us in Europe, right? I actually learn stuff from these guys! :-) Expect more awesome announcements soon! ;-)

Thank you, UKOUG team!

Also, if you didn’t follow all the Oracle OpenWorld action, we also got two major awards at OOW this year! (least year “only” one ;-)). We received two 2013 Oracle Excellence Awards for Specialized Partner of the Year (North America) for our work in both Financial Services and Energy/Utilities industries.

Thanks, Oracle folks! :)

Check out this Oracle Partner Network’s video interview with Martin Paynter where he explains where we come from and how we get things done:


Oh, by the way, Enkitec is hiring ;-)

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