Enkitec + Accenture = Even More Awesomeness!

Enkitec is the best consulting firm for hands on implementation, running and troubleshooting your Oracle based systems, especially the engineered systems like Exadata. We have a truly awesome group of people here; many are the best in their field (just look at the list!!!).

This is why I am here.

This is also why Accenture approached us some time ago – and you may already have seen today’s announcement that Enkitec got bought!

We all are now part of Accenture and this opens up a whole lot of new opportunities. I think this is BIG, and I will explain how I see the future (sorry, no Oracle Database internals in this post ;-)

In my opinion the single most important detail of this transaction is that both Enkitec and the folks at Accenture realize that the reason Enkitec is so awesome is that awesome techies want to work here. And we don’t just want to keep it that way – we must keep it that way!

The Enkitec group will not be dissolved into the Accenture. If it were, we would disappear, like a drop in the ocean and Accenture would have lost its investment. Instead we will remain an island in the ocean continuing to provide expert help for our existing and new customers – and in long term help Accenture build additional capability for the massive projects of their customers.

We will not have ten thousand people in our group. Instead we will continue hiring (and retaining) people exactly the way we’ve been – organic growth by having only the best, likeminded people. The main difference is, now with Accenture behind us, we can hire the best people globally, as we’ll have operations in over 50 countries. I understand that we won’t likely even double in size in the next few years – as we plan to stick to hiring only the best.

I think we will have a much, much wider reach now, showing how to do Oracle technology “our way” all around the world. With Accenture behind us, we will be navigating through even larger projects in larger businesses, influencing things earlier and more. And on a more personal note, I’m looking forward to all those 10 rack Exadata and 100TB In-Memory DB Option performance projects ;-)

See you at Enkitec E4 in June!


NB! I am running one more Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting training in 2018! You can attend the live online training and can download personal video recordings too. The Part 1 starts on 29th January 2018 - sign up here!

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6 Responses to Enkitec + Accenture = Even More Awesomeness!

  1. Todd says:


    I just found your website, I wished that I had found it sooner. I did 5 years as a Production lead Oracle DBA, and out of a group of 12, I was the tuner. Your blog is very unique – not many people dig into the guts with such enthusiasm as you, and the posts aren’t dumbed down to the point of insult.

    Great blog, I love it….. I’ve moved on to data modelling and predictive analytics, but sometimes I miss being so close to the hardware…

    Take care, keep up the good work.

    • Tanel Poder says:

      Thanks Todd. Yep, part of my challenge is in how to stick close to the low levels of the software & OS performance (troubleshooting) world, because that’s what I want to do – and the technology & business interaction point where I also want to be :)

  2. Cary Millsap says:

    Tanel, that’s exactly the way I see it, too.

    …Which is why I’m joining you.

    —Cary Millsap

  3. Ranit Biswas says:

    Hi Tanel,

    I just loved the last paragraph – “I think we will have a much, much wider reach now, showing how to do Oracle technology “our way” all around the world.”

    Nice. Wish to join you someday in this voyage. Please keep up the good work of spreading knowledge.

    Thanks and Regards,

  4. Mike Berger says:

    I hear Enkitec is taking a look at our DB soon.

    Can’t wait!

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