Old ventures and new adventures

I have some news, two items actually.

First, today (it’s still 18th June in California) is my blog’s 8th anniversary!

I wrote my first blog post, about Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting, exactly 8 years ago, on 18th June 2007 and have written 229 blog posts since. I had started writing and accumulating my TPT script collection a couple of years earlier and now it has over 1000 files in it! And no, I don’t remember what all of them do and even why I had written them. Also I haven’t yet created an index/documentation for all of them (maybe on the 10th anniversary? ;)

Thanks everyone for your support, reading, commenting and the ideas we’ve exchanged over all these years, it’s been awesome to learn something new every single day!

You may have noticed that I haven’t been too active in online forums nor blogging much in the last couple of years, which brings me to the second news item(s):

I’ve been heavily focusing on Hadoop. It is the future. It will win, for the same reasons Linux won. I moved to US over a year ago and am currently in San Francisco. The big data hype is the biggest here. Except it’s not hype anymore; and Hadoop is getting enterprise-ready.

I am working on a new startup. I am the CEO who still occasionally troubleshoots stuff (must learn something new every day!). We officially incorporated some months ago, but our first developers in Dallas and London have been busy in the background for over a year. By now we are beta testing with our most progressive customers ;-) We are going to be close partners with old and new friends in modern data management space and especially the awesome folks in Accenture Enkitec Group.

The name is Gluent. We glue together the old and new worlds in enterprise IT. Relational databases vs. Hadoop. Legacy ETL vs. Spark. SAN storage vs. the cloud. Jungles of data feeds vs. a data lake. I’m not going to tell you any more as we are still in stealth mode ;-)

Now, where does this leave Oracle technology? Well, I think it still kicks ass and it ain’t going away! In fact we are betting on it. Hadoop is here to stay, but your existing systems aren’t going away any time soon.

I wouldn’t want to run my critical ERP or complex transactional systems on anything other than Oracle. Want real time in-memory reporting on your existing Oracle OLTP system – with immediate consistency, not a multi-second lag: Oracle. Oracle is the king of complex OLTP and I don’t see it changing soon.

So, thanks for reading all the way to the end – and expect to hear much more about Gluent in the future! You can follow @GluentInc Twitter handle to be the first to hear any further news :-)


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17 Responses to Old ventures and new adventures

  1. Many congratulations. Your blogs.. books etc have been a great help in learning Oracle and I am sure you will rock at Hadoop as well .

  2. Jakub Wartak says:

    Good luck in a new, even more distributed world ;)

  3. abuzar kamal says:

    Its am amazing treat reading your blog.. Most of us learned how oracle actually works from you. Thank you for enlighting us..

  4. Hi Tanel ,

    Best wishes & congratulations! It’s a pleasure to follow you everywhere you go.
    With your explanations you helped much to better understand oracle mechanisms. It was like reading between the lines.
    Good luck and all the best for you and your baby Gluent ;o)

  5. Vivek Sharma says:

    All the Best Tanel for your new venture. I am sure you will succeed as usual and hope to hear from you more on Hadoop.


  6. Alex says:

    Hi Tanel,

    Best wishes and congrats ! Keep on positing on Hadoop and DB integration though . I am sure it will be interesting

  7. Hi Tanel ,

    Awesome news!!! Best wishes & congratulation for your new venture.

  8. fabio says:

    Good luck and thanks!

  9. Olivier Bernhard says:

    Hey Tanel,
    For the very first time, There’s someone i can trust when i’m told Hadoop is the future :)
    Best wishes and congrats !

  10. Jared says:

    Cute web page. :)

  11. Congrats Tanel , let the force be with you. Best Wishes

  12. Arup Nanda says:

    Congratulations on the leap and best of luck, not that you need it.

  13. JC Dauchy says:

    Congratulations Tanel and good luck for your new company ! To be franck, I learnt most of Oracle technology through your blogs, seminar and books. I guess for many of us, you’ll still be the “oracle expert” in troubleshooting.


  14. Yousuf says:

    Hi Tanel,

    Congrats & all the very best for new startup….


  15. Krish says:

    Best wishes for your new ventures. Hopefully you will keep posting on the newer stuff.

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