The Hybrid World is Coming

Here’s the video of E4 keynote we delivered together with Kerry Osborne a few weeks ago.

It explains what we see is coming, at a high level, from long time Oracle database professionals’ viewpoint and using database terminology (as the E4 audience is all Oracle users like us).

However, this change is not really about Oracle database world, it’s about a much wider shift in enterprise computing: modern Hadoop data lakes and clouds are here to stay. They are already taking over many workloads traditionally executed on in-house RDBMS systems on SAN storage arrays – especially all kinds of reporting and analytics. Oracle is just one of the many vendors affected by all this and they’ve also jumped onto the Hadoop bandwagon.

However, it would be naive to to think that Hadoop would somehow replace all your transactional or ERP systems or existing application code with thousands of complex SQL reports. Many of the traditional systems aren’t going away any time soon.

But the hybrid world is coming. It’s been a very good idea for Oracle DBAs to additionally learn Linux over the last 5-10 years, now is pretty much the right time to start learning Hadoop too. More about this in a future article ;-)

Check out the keynote video here:

  • The Hybrid World is Coming – E4 Keynote

Enjoy :-)

Update 1: There’s a recently published good WSJ article which pretty much echoes how we see things happening in the hybrid world.

Update 2: On a more technical note, here’s an article about a Barclays use case in Cloudera blog that illustrates what I meant by pushing your complex (and custom) logic down into Hadoop stack with Spark as opposed to using some separate application server system that pulls in datasets for further processing via SQL.

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3 Responses to The Hybrid World is Coming

  1. gazza says:

    Tanel, is BDA the hybrid world you speak of in that, for now it presents the best of both worlds?

    • Tanel Poder says:

      BDA+BDSQL is unfortunately quite niche, Oracle 12c+Exadata only, Cloudera only, doesn’t run in proper cloud and it’s prohibitively expensive for the new big data world ( … the Hybrid World talk was about the much wider trend of old world (RDBMS+SAN) and new world (Hadoop+Cloud) having to co-exist together … and many vendors (not just Oracle) are working towards this. From the big (expensive) legacy vendors: Oracle Big Data SQL, IBM BigSQL, Teradata QueryGrid, Microsoft SQL Server Polybase …

  2. fabio says:

    Thanks for sharing, Tanel.

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