Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting v2.5 (with 12c stuff too)

It took a while (1.5 years since my last class – I’ve been busy!), but I am ready with my Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting training (version 2.5) that has plenty of updates, including some more modern DB kernel tracing & ASH stuff and of course Oracle 12c topics!

The online training will take place on 16-20 November & 14-18 December 2015 (Part 1 and Part 2).

The latest TOC is below:

Seminar registration details:

A notable improvement of AOT v2.5: now attendees will get downloadable video recordings after the sessions for personal use! So, no crappy streaming with 14-day expiry date, you can download the video MP4 files straight to your computer or tablet and keep for your use forever!

I won’t be doing any other classes this year, but there will be some more (pleasant) surprises coming next year ;-)

See you soon!

NB! I am running one more Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting training in 2018! You can attend the live online training and can download personal video recordings too. The Part 1 starts on 29th January 2018 - sign up here!

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4 Responses to Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting v2.5 (with 12c stuff too)

  1. Amith Uppal says:

    Hi Tanel,

    I would love to attend this training. But I am located in Australia and the training starts for me at 2:30 AM in the morning. What are the chances that you will hold this training again more in line with the Australian timezone.



  2. George P says:

    Do we have any upcoming instructor led training at US ?


    • Tanel Poder says:

      I only do the online virtual class now (no time for real-life classes with travel etc). I had to postpone this years class start from Nov to Dec 2015 so there’s still time to sign up for this one if you’re interested in online.

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