I’m speaking at Advanced Spark Meetup & attending Deep Learning Workshop in San Francisco

Tanel Poder


In case you are interested in the “New World” and happen to be in Bay Area this week (19 & 21 Jan 2017), there are two interesting events that you might want to attend (I’ll speak at one and attend the other):

Advanced Spark and TensorFlow Meetup

I’m speaking at the advanced Apache Spark meetup and showing different ways for profiling applications with the main focus on CPU efficiency. This is a free Meetup in San Francisco hosted at AdRoll.

Putting Deep Learning into Production Workshop

This 1-day workshop is about the practical aspects of putting deep learning models into production use in enterprises. It’s a very interesting topic for me as enterprise-grade production-ready machine learning requires much more than just developing a model (just like putting any software in production requires much more than just writing it). “Boring” things like reliability, performance, making input data available for the engine – and presenting the results to the rest of the enterprise come to mind first (the last parts are where Gluent operates :)

Anyway, the speaker list is impressive and I signed up! I told the organizers that I’d promote the event and they even offered a 25% discount code (use GLUENT as the discount code ;-)

This will be fun!

Putting Deep Learning into Production

Saturday, Jan 21, 2017, 9:30 AM

Capital One
201 3rd St, 5th Floor San Francisco, CA

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