Hadoop for Database Professionals – St. Louis (7. Sep)

Here’s some more free stuff by Gluent!

We are running another half-day course together with Cloudera, this time in St. Louis on 7. September 2017.

We will use our database background and explain using database professionals terminology why “new world” technologies like Hadoop will take over some parts of the enterprise IT, why are those platforms so much better for advanced analytics over big datasets and how to use the right tool from Hadoop ecosystem for solving the right problem.

More information below. See you there!

Also, Michael Rainey will deliver a SQL-on-Hadoop overview session in Portland, OR on 6. Sep 2017



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3 Responses to Hadoop for Database Professionals – St. Louis (7. Sep)

  1. Aditi says:

    Any plans to do this in Atlanta?

  2. Narasimha says:

    It’s very nice, I would like to see

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