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Hi, as you may have seen from my blog by now, I am an IT-enthusiast, fascinated by the opportunities of using technology to improve our productivity and lives. I’m focused on getting the most out of information technology, both for my clients and for me.

Tanel at Oracle OpenWorld conference

I started my professional career as a part-time C developer at age 16 (was not too good at it though because lack of software engineering experience back then). I got introduced to Unix though, which gave me good foundation for understanding Oracle and enterprise-class applications when I started working for a consulting company at age 19.

By now I have over 15 years of experience managing and improving Oracle-based database and application environments, troubleshooting, tuning, also delivering seminars and training classes of my own.  Currently I’m particularly focused on  helping my customers to implement, troubleshoot and optimize their Exadata solutions so that they would get the most out of their investment!

I took the first public Oracle Certified Master DBA exam in Oracle Education center in Chicago (2002) and became 25th-27th OCM in the world there. 25th to 27th because previously there had been two internal beta exams for Oracle employees and 24 people were certified already, also few people (like Dave Ensor) had received an honorary OCM certificate. There were 4 people taking the exam, but one of them unfortunately lost some data during a simulated crash and a DBA cannot be called a master if they fail to deliver the most fundamendal part of their work – retaining the data. So, 25th-27th it is :-)

Tanel speaking at UKOUG Conference

In 2004 I got invited to the OakTable Network during Miracle Database Forum. I think this is the greatest professional honour and recognition I’ve ever received and I proudly accepted (after having to justify why MS-SQL Server is much better than Oracle to 10+ OakTable members in a public debate). One of the worst hangovers after the party though.

In April 2003 I also got my first international conference speaking experience from IOUG-A Live in Orlando, FL. I spoke about how to do major Oracle E-Business Suite upgrades with minimum downtime for the business. I had about 15 people attending my session in a big 300+ people room. But it looked like they liked it and I sure liked it. Ever since I’ve been speaking at conferences 3-5 times per year, depending on how busy (and lazy) I have been at that particular year.

And now I’m blogging. I hope to give something back to the community, as I have gained so much from it. But also I hope this blog becomes a good way to keep in touch with friends around the world in todays extremely busy life – which we’ll sure improve though, eventually – with throwing even more technology at it ;-)

Happy reading and hopefully commenting too!

Tanel Poder

Update 1: I’m now also an Oracle ACE Director

Update 2: I founded Enkitec Europe and teamed up with Enkitec in US to be part of the world’s most successful Exadata team. I built Enkitec group’s business in EMEA region (Update: Enkitec got acquired by Accenture).

Update 3: I am a co-founder and CEO of Gluent, a startup connecting the traditional enterprise world with the brave new world of Cloud & Hadoop. Interesting times ahead!

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  1. Lochan Marwaha says:

    Hi Tanel,

    This is really gr8. I got gud information. thnx

  2. Liu says:

    Hi Tanel,
    It’s so interesting to find useful oracle news from your blog!

  3. Peter says:

    Fantastic to have an Oracle resource as good as this – and free, too! Can’t be bad!
    Usually, IT Geeks are, well, pretty geeky, but dull, too! Not you, though!
    Clearly, you are expert at Oracle troubleshooting, and it’s nice of you to share.
    Knowing how to diagnose is, I think, a tricky thing – even with years of experience.

    You are a cool guy, Tanel!
    Oh. How do you design such brilliant tools such as latchprofx?
    Until I can have your brain (!) I guess I will just have to make do with reading your great blog!

  4. 怀念 says:

    I am also a oracle database administrator,and have 5 years experiences.

    your blog is so interesting to me.

  5. Tanel Poder says:

    Thanks! I like both writing my blog and sometimes reading it too when I search for some problem in internet and find it’s explained by me in past in my own blog :)

  6. Ian Murphy says:

    Hi Tanel,

    Just wanted to say thanks for your talk at the UKOUG Exadata event yesterday. Was excellent and was just disappointed that you only had an hour!



  7. Tanel Poder says:

    @Ian Murphy

    Hi Ian,

    Yeah, I also think that I had enough material for 2 hours at least. I did only one demo, planned to do more. I think I’ll do an online follow-up event :)

  8. oladiti says:

    this is inspiring…


  9. Ganesh R says:

    I have a critical performance problem.
    i have a outer join query involving about 10 tables,and recordsa are more than 100 millions. We have a performance issue.Th query takes about 1 minute to fetch (result set is 7 million recs) the records. We need to tune that. We proposed to use a materialiaze view which was fast ( since it will have the result set) but that was not accepted because of we may have about 800 users working concurrently and the updates will kill the performance.
    Pls suggest any alternative methods by which i can work on the result set of the query.


  10. Fernando says:

    Amazing, really amazing blog

  11. Rick Lyon says:

    I am having a problem on and Exadata v1 on Linux 64bit on hp.
    10-node RAC database. The issue is with parallel queries going very slow. I saw the same sort of thing happen with two other clients. An Oracle technician in-house says that was short-lived and the only reason it is still around is because of Exadata v1 and the issues it is having.
    Is there something that Oracle does not publish that makes very notorious for query slowdowns on Linus RAC databases? Do you know anything about the version and why many clients have the same issues with having parallel query slowdown issues? And having to flush the shared pool on every node nightly to alleviate slowdown?
    Bug? Does 11gR2 resolve this?
    Please help if you can

  12. Thanks a lot; it is really useful to me.

  13. Mahesh says:

    We are seeing issue related to Identifying the Program name of blocking session Infromation from ASH report.
    The Issue is as follows:
    a) Application A is running for some long time and we see that application B is getting blocked.
    b) After few hours we see that the blocked application A is being killed and Client generate the AWR and ASH report for root cause analysis.
    c) Looking into the ASH report we see that under “Top Blocking Sessions” only the BLOCKING SID is being displayed but under Program column we see “BLOCKING SESSION NOT FOUND”.
    d) Even after connecting to Production database, we see no blocking session information in none of the history view (DBA_HIST_ACTIVE_*/V$ACTIVE_*/V$SESSION)

    As we are in re-active stage of Identifying the Issue, please let us know is there any way in Identifying the blocking program.

    • Tanel Poder says:

      If a session shows a blocking session SID in ASH, but that SID doesn’t show up in ASH at all, this likely means that the blocking session updated some rows (or locked a table, took some enqueue) and then that session was idle after that (while still holding these locks). Idle sessions are not captured in ASH for space/memory saving reasons, so they won’t show up there, but they still can be holding whatever locks they took. This is likely a classic case of a user changing some rows and then not committing. Sometimes this can also happen due to application server/app/network failures where a DB connection gets cut mid-transaction, but the DB hasn’t yet realized that the connection is dead and the transaction should be rolled back.

  14. 大头 says:

    Hi Tanel,
    Your blog are of great help to me!thanks!

  15. Arjun says:

    Hi Tanel, am following your blog intermittent for almost 5 years and reading this blog is asusual interesting and inspiring.

  16. Balaji says:

    Hi Tanel,

    Thanks for your contribution to the oracle community members like us. I can say its really helpful and interesting

  17. Seshu says:

    Hi Tanel,

    Thank you for all your contributions to oracle community.

  18. Kam says:

    Hi Tanel,
    I had a look at your new version Expert Exadata book online, there seem to be two versions, one by you and two other co-authors. There is one look exactly the same (also had IOUG on the front page), but seem to have a lot of auther – Martin Bach etc. What is the difference between the two books.

  19. Olga Washburn says:

    Hi Tanel,

    I have been following your blog for a while now and I find it very interesting and quite educational! Thank you so much for all the research and work that you do! Do you have an opinion about using OCFS2 to share files between VM’s?

    • Tanel Poder says:

      What kind of files do you have in mind? And by sharing do you mean multiple VM instances on top of the OCFS2 in the host OS are reading/writing to the same files?

      • Olga Washburn says:

        In fact, the solution is being discussed for one of our queue management systems, where only one API server accesses (read/write) the file on the shared storage until it fails over to another API server.

  20. JISU says:

    Hi~ Tanel,

    I’m glad to see your blog about oracle informations.!!

    Thank u so much!!

    by korean buddy

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