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Oracle Troubleshooting: How to read Oracle ERRORSTACK output?!

I have written the first article to the troubleshooting section of my new website tech.E2SN.com: It’s about a very valuable Oracle troubleshooting tool -> ERRORSTACK trace. I cover 4 frequently asked questions there: Reading the current executing SQL statement text … Continue reading

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Recursive sessions…

I have published a new article to tech.e2sn.com about recursive sessions and ORA-00018: maximum number of sessions exceeded error message: http://tech.e2sn.com/oracle/oracle-internals-and-architecture/recursive-sessions-and-ora-00018-maximum-number-of-sessions-exceeded Note that I’m working on setting up RSS feed for tech.e2sn too, coming soon :) NB! I am running … Continue reading

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Sometimes things are easy (Part 1): How to fix wrapped execution plan text?

What you see below is a common problem. Someone sends you (or posts to a forum) a wide execution plan, which is unreadable because of wrapped lines. For example, this one below: ——————————————————————————– ——————- | Id  | Operation                   | Name                    … Continue reading

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