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Oracle memory troubleshooting article

Randolf Geist has written a good article about systematic troubleshooting of a PL/SQL memory allocation & CPU utilization problem – and he has used some of my tools too! http://oracle-randolf.blogspot.com/2010/05/advanced-oracle-troubleshooting-session.html NB! I am running one more Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting training … Continue reading

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Oracle Latch Contention Troubleshooting

I wrote a latch contention troubleshooting article for IOUG Select journal last year (it was published earlier this year). I have uploaded this to tech.E2SN too, I recommend you to read it if you want to become systematic about latch … Continue reading

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New versions of LatchProf and LatchProfX for latch contention troubleshooting and tuning

The LatchProf and LatchProfX scripts allow you to be more systematic with latch contention troubleshooting and tuning. No more guesswork is needed as these scripts give you exact session IDs and in this version also SQLIDs of the troublemaking applications. … Continue reading

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Oracle Peformance Visualization…

Coskan Gundogar and Karl Arao have written two interesting articles about Oracle performance analysis and visualization, check these out! Coskan’s article: http://coskan.wordpress.com/2010/01/27/working-with-statspack-part-1a-diagnosis/ Karl’s article: http://karlarao.wordpress.com/2010/01/31/workload-characterization-using-dba_hist-tables-and-ksar/ Note that in March I will be releasing PerfSheet v3.0, which will have lots of … Continue reading

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