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Sometimes things are easy (Part 1): How to fix wrapped execution plan text?

What you see below is a common problem. Someone sends you (or posts to a forum) a wide execution plan, which is unreadable because of wrapped lines. For example, this one below: ——————————————————————————– ——————- | Id  | Operation                   | Name                    … Continue reading

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Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting Guide, Part 6: Understanding Oracle execution plans with os_explain

Get ready for some more adventures in Oracle process stack! Before proceeding though, please read this post about safety of different stack sampling approaches. I have had few non-trivial Oracle troubleshooting cases, related to query hangs and bad performance, where … Continue reading

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Oracle hidden costs revealed, part 1 – Does a batch job run faster when executed locally?

This series is about revealing some Oracle’s internal execution costs and inefficiencies. I will analyze few situations and special cases where you can experience a performance hit where you normally wouldn’t expect to. The first topic is about a question … Continue reading

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