Perl version of Snapper

Tanel Poder


Wolfgang Breitling has written a script – Perl version of my original snapper.sql one. Check it out!

As his script doesn’t rely on DBMS_OUTPUT for generating output, you can easily get real time continuous output with his script, without needing to wait until the script finishes or by using somewhat complicated DBMS_SYSTEM.KSDWRT tracefile output.

Also, as his script doesn’t rely on DBMS_LOCK package for sleeping, so you don’t need rights on it.

Obviously you need Perl and Oracle DBI drivers installed in your client machine for using the script. Note that the default Unix/Windows Perl installations do not have Oracle DBI drivers installed, so you might be better off using the perl coming with Oracle server installation itself (or you can download the DBI modules from CPAN if you’re not afraid of little configuration work).

So, I wish you happy snapping for the new year! :)

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