Tanel Poder’s Oracle & Linux Performance and Troubleshooting Training

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Tanel Poder’s Advanced Oracle & Linux Training in 2018

Many people have asked about my Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting training and videos, so I decided to update my material over the holidays and will run one more class! The dates for my training in 2018 are in the table below.

Note that if you are looking for Hadoop & Big Data related stuff, we are regularly delivering our Hadoop class and other webinars at Gluent too!

Online training dates for 2018:

Date (2018) Time Title Presenter(s) Price Purchase
Stay tuned! No more dates announced (yet).

Paypal accepts payments using major credit cards (no signup needed) and you will get a receipt for your records. If you need an invoice, please email us at seminars@poderc.com!

How to attend our online training courses:

  1. Purchase a seat for the class (use the table above or send an email to seminars@poderc.com with your company details)
  2. If you’d like to play the previous AOT class videos (AOT 2.5 from 2015) upfront, then send an email to seminars@poderc.com and I can send you 9 earlier deep dive recordings (1 session had recording problems so it will have to wait until the live class). The previous recordings are available only for registered attendees of the 2018 class.
  3. Ideally have a development / sandbox database available for reproducing the problem scenarios, troubleshooting and testing out the Oracle troubleshooting and optimization techniques. There are no workshop-style practice sessions, but there are lots of hands-on troubleshooting demos and you can re-run my scripts & demos to reproduce problems in your sandbox database. You can use any Oracle version you like (but no more 9i, please ;-)
  4. Print out the PDFs with slides (if you like them on paper) – you will receive the slides in the week before seminar start
  5. Download my scripts (I do update the .zip file from time to time)
  6. Download the GotoWebinar software (to avoid the web-only version). Test if GotoWebinar is working on your computer.
  7. On the seminar days, attend the seminar via the GotoWebinar link (I will send out the link in the week before seminar start)

In the week before the training/seminar date, you’ll receive training materials/handouts and instructions that will include information necessary for you to log on to the class’ GoToWebinar session.

Feel free to send us an email  if you have any inquiry about the course content, schedule or attendance instructions – we want you to feel comfortable and well-prepared to learn when you attend our classes!

The schedule of every half-day is following (Pacific Time):

If some questions take longer to answer (with a demo), I may postpone these until the end of the day – to “extra demos” session.

In attending our classes, you agree to have read and understood these points:

** * The attendee is expected to have his/her own means of accessing the online virtual class ( i.e. computer, a testing database, internet connectivity: System Requirements for attending online seminars ) * The training has been optimized for online delivery. Sufficient time is allotted for questions and answers. * Each attendee must purchase a seat – paying for one seat and having several people share the GotoWebinar session is not allowed. * Training handouts will be distributed in PDF format and in attending this training, you agree that you will not redistribute these handouts to anyone else. * You can cancel your attendance and get a full (100%) refund up to a week before the seminar starts, assuming that you haven’t requested & received previous training sessions videos. Note: Once any training material (PDFs or video recordings of previous sessions) are sent out to you, there is no refund. * Training recordings will be distributed as downloadable MP4 videos. Each attendee will get a version of digitally watermarked videos with his/her name on it. These videos are yours to keep, but you must agree to not redistribute these videos to anyone else. * Neither PoderC LLC nor any of its trainers (Tanel Poder) are liable for any damage caused, directly or indirectly, by following (or not following) the advice in the training material or advice given during the training sessions and any follow-ups. While we advise to only use known-to-be safe techniques and will warn you about any potentially-unsafe techniques, the ultimate responsibility of assessing risk and avoiding any damage to your IT systems always lies in you, the attendee. * Attendees can ask questions any time during the training (through the chat interface during the lecture and via a normal voice discussion during breaks and Q&A session). Read this to know more about how to use GoToWebinar. * You don’t need to book an airline ticket and hotel accommodation the way you usually do to get access to world-class training :)

Learning is best achieved with examples and demos and we’ve got lots of it! We can’t emphasize enough how seeing an expert do his work can greatly contribute to your learning.

Installation & Setup

I have created a separate page for explaining the Installation and Setup recommendations for getting the most out of this AOT class.


If you need to pay via a Purchase Order/Invoice or have questions about registration and payment, email: seminars@poderc.com

For technical questions about the contents and delivery of the class, drop a mail directly to me: tanel@tanelpoder.com

Go back to beginning of this page to register and “See you soon!” :-)