About Me

Welcome to my blog with a new (beta) design. I'm still tweaking things, so layout and formatting stuff will change.

Hi, as you may have seen from my blog by now, I am an IT-enthusiast, fascinated by the opportunities of using technology to improve our productivity and lives. I’m focused on getting the most out of information technology, both for my clients and for me.

Tanel at Oracle OpenWorld conference

I started my professional career as a part-time C developer at age 16 (was not too good at it though because lack of software engineering experience back then). I got introduced to Unix though, which gave me good foundation for understanding Oracle and enterprise-class applications when I started working for a consulting company at age 19.

By now I have over 15 years of experience managing and improving Oracle-based database and application environments, troubleshooting, tuning, also delivering seminars and training classes of my own.  Currently I’m particularly focused on  helping my customers to implement, troubleshoot and optimize their Exadata solutions so that they would get the most out of their investment!

I took the first public Oracle Certified Master DBA exam in Oracle Education center in Chicago (2002) and became 25th-27th OCM in the world there. 25th to 27th because previously there had been two internal beta exams for Oracle employees and 24 people were certified already, also few people (like Dave Ensor) had received an honorary OCM certificate. There were 4 people taking the exam, but one of them unfortunately lost some data during a simulated crash and a DBA cannot be called a master if they fail to deliver the most fundamendal part of their work – retaining the data. So, 25th-27th it is :-)

Tanel speaking at UKOUG Conference

In 2004 I got invited to the OakTable Network during Miracle Database Forum. I think this is the greatest professional honour and recognition I’ve ever received and I proudly accepted (after having to justify why MS-SQL Server is much better than Oracle to 10+ OakTable members in a public debate). One of the worst hangovers after the party though.

In April 2003 I also got my first international conference speaking experience from IOUG-A Live in Orlando, FL. I spoke about how to do major Oracle E-Business Suite upgrades with minimum downtime for the business. I had about 15 people attending my session in a big 300+ people room. But it looked like they liked it and I sure liked it. Ever since I’ve been speaking at conferences 3-5 times per year, depending on how busy (and lazy) I have been at that particular year.

And now I’m blogging. I hope to give something back to the community, as I have gained so much from it. But also I hope this blog becomes a good way to keep in touch with friends around the world in todays extremely busy life – which we’ll sure improve though, eventually – with throwing even more technology at it ;-)

Happy reading and hopefully commenting too!

Tanel Poder

Update 1: I’m now also an Oracle ACE Director.

Update 2: I founded Enkitec Europe and teamed up with Enkitec in US to be part of the world’s most successful Exadata team. I built Enkitec group’s business in EMEA region.

Update 3: Enkitec got acquired by Accenture and I became a director of research & development in Accenture Enkitec Group.

Update 4: I am a co-founder and the Chief Evangelist of Gluent, a data virtualization company connecting the traditional enterprise world with the brave new world of modern cloud based computation.