Performance Visualization, Capacity planning and Hotsos Symposium

I have slowly moved towards performance visualization and system capacity planning world. Or at least this is my main focus (in addition to deep Oracle internals of course ;)

I’ve published an easy Oracle performance visualization tool, which is based on Excel and can visualize the resultset of any SQL query. It’s called PerfSheet (and I’ve blogged about it here).

Last December I spoke at CMG Conference in Las Vegas about a new method for visualizing database-wide performance while still being able to see session level performance profile. Having session level performance overview is important when diagnosing performance problems which only some users of the whole system are experiencing.

The paper I was talking about is accessible from here:

We wrote it together with Dr. Neil Gunther, the theoretical part was his idea and I helped to apply it in Oracle.

Neil received the prestigious A.A. Michelson’s award during that CMG event, so I was pretty honoured to even be at the same stage with him :)


I will be presenting some further peformance visualization and capacity planning related work during my “No slides” session at Hotsos Symposium this year. I’m excited as I will be showing some really cool (and useful!) things there ;)

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2 Responses to Performance Visualization, Capacity planning and Hotsos Symposium

  1. Dan Norris says:

    Hi Tanel,

    The session sounds very interesting, but just my luck–I’ve got my session scheduled in the other room during the same time slot. Maybe I’ll just not sure up and listen to your session instead! :)

    See you in Dallas!


  2. Tanel Poder says:

    Hi Dan,

    Hmm.. this means I’ll miss your session as well then :(

    Btw, as my “no-slides” presentation doesn’t have any slides, I will provide a saved screencast / sqlplus / ssh logs of the sesson and upload them after the session.

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