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New versions of LatchProf and LatchProfX for latch contention troubleshooting and tuning

The LatchProf and LatchProfX scripts allow you to be more systematic with latch contention troubleshooting and tuning. No more guesswork is needed as these scripts give you exact session IDs and in this version also SQLIDs of the troublemaking applications. … Continue reading

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Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting Guide, Part 8: Even more detailed latch troubleshooting using LatchProfX

In my last AOT post I published my LatchProf script which is able to sample detailed latchholder data from V$LATCHHOLDER. Latchprof allows you to drill down into your latching problems at session level (which V$LATCH, V$LATCH_PARENT and V$LATCH_CHILDREN can’t do). … Continue reading

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latch: cache buffers chains latch contention – a better way for finding the hot block

Here’s a treat for Oracle performance professionals and geeks who are looking for more systematic ways for cache buffers chains (CBC) latch contention troubleshooting. Cache buffers chains latches are taken when a process wants to walk through a cache buffer … Continue reading

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Oracle hidden costs revealed, Part2 – Using DTrace to find why writes in SYSTEM tablespace are slower than in others

I have written two posts in one, about a performance issue with writes in system tablespace and introduction of a little DTrace stack sampling script. Have you noticed that DML on tables residing in SYSTEM tablespace is slower than tables … Continue reading

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